What is a farm share?

A farm share is a mutually beneficial agreement between you (our friends, family, and community) and your local farmers (us) that gets you super fresh, responsibly grown vegetables (of your choosing!) every week throughout the growing season in exchange for paying for some of the cost up front. This system helps us afford our substantial preseason costs (like seeds, organic fertilizers, and harvest materials) which in turns helps us bring to our farm share members higher quality/nutrition (through more robust soil fertility), more variety (through seed purchases, trellising materials, and season extension supplies), and more choice (higher yields give us more flexibility with our weekly offerings).

How does it work?

There are many different ways that farmers run farm share programs. Our method prioritizes choice, quality, honest pricing, and convenience. Here’s the nitty gritty: We begin distributing shares the second week in June (the 12th) and run through the end of October (the 23rd), a total of 20 weeks. We will send you an online order form each week with available items and their prices, so you can chose your favorites in the volume you need. Every week there is one “veggie of the week” that we give to everyone. This is our way of sharing the bounty of the harvest and introducing our customers to some of our favorite but perhaps lesser known varieties! Once we get your orders, we go out and harvest, pack them into bags and deliver them to one of our pick-up sites (on farm, in Bristol, RI, or in Marion, MA). By paying ahead you essentially have an account with us, and your purchases (including the “veggie of the week”) are debited throughout the season as you make them. You can add more to your account at any time. we’ll let you know when you are getting low!

Why purchase local veggies?

The quality and the traceability of course! The produce we deliver to you will be noticeably fresher and tastier than grocery store produce, most of which comes from California. Our baby salad greens are extremely crisp and sweet when delivered, and will last up to two weeks in the fridge. The tomato varieties we grow are bred for flavor, not for their ability to withstand transport across a continent. Herbs will be more fragrant. Our strawberries and melons will melt in your mouth and drip down your chin! And our produce will be grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or fertilizers. You can ask us any and all questions about what practices we use and why, and we’ll provide real and honest answers. By supporting us you also keep your money in the local economy, which we in turn reinvest in the community by supporting local mechanics, plumbers, doctors, etc. etc..


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