We broke down payment by average weekly items/weekly dollar value, ranging from a total of $200-$600 for the season. For example, if you think you’d like 5-6 items per week (e.g. a bag of greens, one pound of tomatoes, two zucchini, one head of lettuce, a bunch of beets = 5 items), or about $20 of produce, we suggest a $400 share. Your deposit sets up an account with us, which is debited weekly as you make your orders. You are welcome to re-up throughout the season if you are finding you’d like more veggies, or if you’ve run out of credit! If you need special arrangements or more flexibility with payment, please let us know.


Share Values:

~2-3 items, $10/week = $200

~4-5 items, $15/week = $300

~5-6 items, $20/week = $400

~7-8 items, $25/week = $500

~10-12 items, $30/week = $600


Ready to sign-up?

Our 2017 Veggie Shares are all SOLD OUT! Thanks to everyone for their support. For those of you looking for produce, you can find us at the Hope and Main Schoolyard Farmers Market in Warren, RI on Sundays 10am to 2pm from June 18 to October 29!!


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