What is it?

We are excited to provide you with healthy and delicious eggs from our pasture-raised, organically fed hens. Farm-fresh eggs have bright orange yolks, really tasty flavor, and are loaded with protein and vitamins A, B, and D. Our hens are raised on-farm as chicks, and spend their days in the sun, scratching up bugs and grasses on our pasture.

We collect eggs daily, then wash, package, and distribute them to you once a week. Our eggs are unsized.

When and Where?

Egg shares are distributed once a week, for sixteen weeks straight. Share sign-ups happen seasonally, we will keep you posted with our next availability!

Egg shares are distributed once a week on farm and at our Bristol, RI pick-up location. Egg share members can come every week or every other week to pick up eggs, but please note that we will not hold eggs more than two weeks. Please read our terms and conditions for more info on missed pick-ups or vacations. As always, please call or email us with any questions.

How Much?

Egg shares are $112 for 16 weeks (16 dozen). That is $7/dozen. While this is more than many are accustomed to paying at they grocery store, our eggs are fed certified-organic grain, and moved around our pasture so they have access to fresh forage and food. Eggs are distributed to you days old, whereas grocery store "farm fresh" claims are entirely unregulated. We appreciate your support in paying the premium, and promise you'll be glad for the investment when you first take a bite out of an egg sandwich and bright orange yolk drips down your chin! You can mail us a check (preferred) with your name, phone number, and email.