We began farming in Westport, MA in 2015. We feel that being farmers and stewards of land are great responsibilities, and also the best jobs in the world! We enjoy growing vegetables for our friends, family, and community, and providing space and time for folks to come together and enjoy fresh food and good cheer. In addition to veggies, we raise poultry and small ruminants (goats and sheep) to benefit our farm ecosystem, as well as our diets. Our days are happily spent thinning carrots, transplanting lettuce, and weeding everything in sight!


James brings his knowledge of soil science and geology to our farm practice. After completing his M.Sc. in Earth Science at the University of Toronto, he desired to apply his skills in a more tangible way. Now James enjoys his days working on the farm, smearing mayonnaise on his breakfast sandwiches, wearing mismatched socks, sweet-talking hens, and bunching carrots, beets, and flowers.


Mia’s interest in agriculture began at the University of Vermont where she studied Environmental Studies. She spent some time working in farm education, until she couldn’t resist the pull of full-time farm life any longer! She now spends her days putting ice cream on her breakfast sandwiches, washing and bagging fresh greens, and smelling Broccoli (the dog’s) feet.


Broccoli (the dog) and Oscar (the cat) arrived here on earth in a space ship. Broccoli spends her days sleeping in the sun, catching groundhogs, and eating carrots. Oscar spends his days catching rodents and birds, swatting the unsuspecting Broccoli, and being evil. They are the main laborers here on the farm.